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You may not be ready to automate your business

Very often I see businesses jumping to boost a post on Facebook and invest in some bots to automate their process. While I’m all about maximizing our time efficiently, you may not be ready for automation yet. Now, if you do a quick Google Search, you’ll find there are dozens of articles pushing you to automate the minute the ink touches paper on your business registration. Here are my reasons for not jumping to automation yet.


You actually have three ideal clients

A little too often I see “online gurus” preaching that everyone should have one ideal client. This is your one ideal person and you should focus solely on that person. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that’s wrong. You actually have three ideal clients. Almost every single time I say this, the entrepreneur goes through a few stages in a matter of minutes. Shock. Denial. Understanding. Acceptance. Implementation.


10 Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Loyalty Programs

As consumers, we love customer loyalty programs. Who doesn’t love free things? Everyone from major retailers to your local mom and pop shop are implementing some sort of loyalty program to keep consumers coming back. According to the SBA, roughly 400,000 businesses are started each year and that’s a ton of competition just domestically. With an abundance of competition, it’s imperative to your business model to find a way to keep customers coming back. That being said, here are the top do’s & don’ts for your customer loyalty strategy!


How Your Content Marketing Strategy Improves Conversions

Consumers want to leave your content feeling like their lives are improved because they took the time to read your content. So how does this translate in the eCommerce world? Do the same rules apply? Absolutely. We put together a list of some tips, tricks and insights on how an eCommerce brand can utilize content marketing to increase conversion and customer loyalty.


7 Tips for Your B2B Loyalty Program

We all love a good loyalty program. Who doesn’t want a perk for frequenting your favorite coffee shop or beauty bar? The problem is that a lot of businesses tend to think that their loyalty programs need to only exist in the B2C world but that simply isn’t true. It appears like B2C gets all the fun stuff but B2B loyalty programs are a great way to bring in additional revenue and increase your customer retention.


Customer Loyalty Trends: the growth of mCommerce

The trends toward mobile commerce are skyrocketing. Everything we buy, plane tickets, groceries, and fashions are all available at your fingertips. Way too often I’ve been in the gas station around the corner and realized I left my wallet a block away. Before this would have been embarrassing as they canceled my transaction but with the ability to mobile pay, I can move on my merry way. According to BigCommerce, 34.5% of all eCommerce sales were from mCommerce and that number is only expected to grow to 54% by 2021. But what does this mean for customer loyalty? We’re diving into the mobile commerce trends so you can stay ahead of the curve!


5 Secrets to AirBnB’s Marketing Success

According to Morgan Stanley, Airbnb will account for 6% of the total lodging industry by 2020. With Airbnb’s unique peer-to-peer model of local hosts offering their homes up, they are dominating the travel industry. Travelers looking for an authentic stay in a new location are flocking to Airbnb. They’ve immediately created a loyal customer base and continue to build it out at a rapid rate. But how are they retaining these customers? With a brilliant implementation of a few key marketing strategies, they’ve set themselves miles ahead of their competitors.


5 Leading Refer-a-Friend Programs Today

With the influx of influencer marketing, it is no secret that referrals are the most high intent. People trust what their friends have to say. If we didn’t, they wouldn’t be our friends. This is in everyone’s benefit. Why? Referrals come pre-sold. According to Nielson, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. They already think your product or service is awesome because a friend said it was. Less work for the sales team, higher closing rates, and a small payout to the referral sounds like a win for everyone.

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