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Who Am I?

I’m your fearless leader, Ashley Price. I began my career in a boutique PR firm in Delaware and within 3 years was a CMO of a FinTech company. I helped that FinTech company go from being in the red (aka on the verge of going out of business) to 8-figures in sales in just 10 months by implementing the tools and techniques you’ll find in this toolkit.

When I’m not learning the newest techniques in lead generation, I’m volunteering as a cheerleading coach, hanging with the squad (my kids & hubs) and pretending I am a stellar chef & baker.

So what you need to know:

  • New training will be available every single week

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The different types of membership options:

CQL Monthly

  • This is a monthly charge of $47

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CQL Quarterly

  • Everything listed above charged quarterly at $127

  • Savings of 10%

CQL Yearly

  • The CQL Membership charged yearly at $515

  • A month & a half free with this plan!

CQL VIP Monthly

  • Everything listed above for $97

  • Access to a VIP Facebook Group where I pop in weekly for office hours & you can chat with other business owners

  • It is the only way to get access to me without being a private client

  • Ask about quarterly & yearly options

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